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The Gizmodo piece acknowledges this but raises some hypothetical scenarios. What if hackers get a hold of the device and change how it operates? This apparently happened once, when a British security researcher had to physically disassemble the device to demonstrate an Echo vulnerability. Then there’s the sensational example from earlier in the year when police officials in Bentonville, Arkansas subpoenaed a customer’s Alexa records in connection with a 2015 homicide at his home. (Bloomberg’s Nico Grant and Aki Ito recorded a great episode of our Decrypted podcast about the case.) Amazon initially fought the subpoena, then acquiesced when the suspect’s lawyers agreed that the data could be turned over. They likely realized that the police, like some of Alexa’s critics, were overestimating the amount of data Alexa might gather. None of this means we should blindly trust Amazon and Google in other parts of their business, or take our eyes off how these devices evolve. Amazon has talked about handing over customer Alexa transcripts to third party developers. Surely privacy-concerned Echo owners should get a chance to opt out of that program.