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Cheap ugg boots saleTrump also said the federal government might file suit against companies he called “bad actors,” presumably those in the pharmaceutical industry that have allowed painkillers to reach the black market. Private attorneys have already filed some lawsuits, and a coalition of 41 state attorneys general is investigating the role of some companies in the epidemic. Officials said that the White House is working with Congress to find additional funding for the crisis — which experts say will cost tens of billions of dollars to properly address — but they declined to share any exact figures. Critiques of the administration’s efforts began even before Trump spoke. Leana Wen, the health commissioner in Baltimore, which has been battling a stubborn opioid epidemic for years, said she is happy that Trump’s announcement “is drawing attention” to the drug crisis. But she pointed out that after hurricanes and other national disasters, billions of dollars in relief is quickly made available to victims. “The same thing should happen when it comes to stopping an epidemic,” Wen said. “We should not have to depend on repurposed dollars that take away from other health priorities.” The money is needed to expand treatment for people with substance-abuse disorders and to provide more of the antidote naloxone to first responders and the public, Wen said. Baltimore is currently paying $70 to $90 for a two-dose pack of naloxone, she said. Rebecca Farley David, vice president for policy and advocacy at the National Council for Behavioral Health, said Trump’s call to use telemedicine to bring help to people in remote areas was encouraging. “Certainly we’re very glad that the president has acknowledged what we already knew Cheap uggs sale that this opioid crisis is a national emergency,” David said. But like others, she regretted that the president did not make new funding available for treatment, the opioid antidote naloxone and other critical needs. “I’m really disappointed that his speech did not touch on the need for increased resources,” she said. The strong overlap between mental illness and substance abuse — more than 40 percent of people with substance-abuse disorders also suffer from depression, anxiety or another mental illness — means treatment should address both diseases, David said.,ugg boots outlet, @ugg boot size 9 875 @ugg boot cleaner 658 @ugg boot size 9 875 @ugg boot cleaner 658 @ugg boot zipper repair usa 805